The Rapture – Part 3 – The Rapture and Resurrection

Posted on 21 Mar 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley

The Rapture and Resurrection

I Corinthians 15

Everyone must decide what they believe happens after they die.  Some in the world would say nothing-when you are dead you are dead.  Atheists often hold that view but there are religions that teach it as well-something called soul sleep or soul annihilation. If you claim to believe the Bible you are aware that the most important part of a human in not the flesh but the soul and the spirit.  While we need the body to live on the earth, we all know we are going to lose that battle one day.  At the moment of one’s death what happens to the soul and spirit should consume us until we have a peace beyond understanding about that moment.  I spend 24 years of my life knowing I was going somewhere, just not sure where.  From the time of my salvation at my kitchen table in East Mountain, Texas I have had perfect peace about going to Heaven, I just do not know the departure time. The Bible has a great deal to say about the resurrections of the humans on the earth, today I want to talk about the 4 groups the Bible discusses.