The Rapture – Part 1 – What it is

Posted on 11 Mar 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley

The Rapture – What It is

I Thessalonians 4:13-18

We often hear people talking about how wicked the world can get before God gives up and just destroys the earth and the people on the earth.  We as Christians should be able to answer parts of that question from the Bible with great confidence.  Some of the answers will bring many questions but some will bring great peace.  What the God of the universe did the last time the earth was wicked, in Noah’s day, was to place in the Ark his creation while God flooded the earth and cleaned it up.  When the time was right God opened the Ark and mankind has grown into what it is today.  Please note-God did not have a nation of Israel at the time to reckon with and God did not have a Bride of Christ in the church with which to work.  These are different groups of people outside the unsaved with which God has a plan.  The Rapture is part of the plan to deal with the saved within His church, a plan that begins with the shout of the archangel and the trumpet of God.