Jesus and the Lightwalk

Posted on 16 Jan 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley

I hate being deceived. The greatest practical jokes are always about deceiving someone into believing they have won the lottery or gotten something they did not deserve or thinking they got something they did not want. At the end or just about every practical joke you hear the words “I hate you” or “I will get you back”. Please don’t be deceived, Lightwalk is not a word, I made it up. Boardwalk and sidewalk are words and we all know what they mean. Please allow me to use Lightwalk. Since I made the word up let me give you the definition. It means to walk as Jesus walks and to know you are walking as Jesus would have you to walk, simply put; it is walking in His light. That is my definition of my made up word but it is real life without deceit. Please allow me to show you that path.

1. Keeping His commandments.

2. Perfecting His Love

3. Shining His Light.

4. Accepting My Role.

5. Loving Jesus Stuff.