Jesus and Perfect Love

Posted on 11 Feb 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley

Perfect love sounds impossible.  There are several reasons for that but let me give you just a few.  Most of the people on the earth base love on what they like and hate on what they do not like.  I love butter and steak because I like it.  I hate cooked spinach because I don’t like it.  Another reason perfect love sounds impossible is because as we age we change.  When I was young I stopped long enough to eat and then went on to play or work and I loved those days.  These recent days have lead me to enjoy getting home and getting ready for bed by 8 and now I love those days.  Let’s be honest-what feels like love to one person does not feel like love to another person and yet God demands perfect love.  Let’s find out today what God meant.

  1. Loving is connecting.
  2. Loving is dwelling.
  3. Loving is testifying.
  4. Loving is judgement boldness.
  5. Loving is eliminating hate.