Jesus and False Spirits

Posted on 28 Jan 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley

Jesus and False Spirits
I John 4:1-11

Everything that God has made is good.  There is nothing-when used correctly-that our Father in Heaven has created that is not good. Solomon was one of the smartest men that lived, he had earthly wisdom and Heavenly enlightenment and his final conclusions was this very simple truth in a nut shell : When God is involved and in control the world is great but when men and Satan have power  the world soon falls apart in death and destruction. That is why Jesus had John write such a strong command in Chapter 4 “believe not every spirit”.  It should frighten you that there are countless spirits in the world around you.  It should also frighten you that many of them are controlled by Satan and and they want to mislead you to destruction.  Even if you are saved there is a battle for the control of your spirit, not your soul but your spirit.  Let us take a few moments and look at this battle.

  1. There is no battle for Jesus.
  2. Spirits are based on the power behind them.
  3. False spirits have lines they cannot cross.
  4. The world around us will believe the lies.
  5. True love is at the core of the Godly Spirit.