Jarrett Gum

Jarrett has been part of MBC since 1988 when he started to attend Mercy Baptist Academy. He quickly developed a love for being around Christians and meeting Erin at school, fell in love with her as well. He excelled in basketball and computers while attending MBA. He also excelled in soul winning with the men of Mercy and growing as a Christian. He graduated from MBA and attended college locally while he waited for Erin to graduate and when she did they married. They served at Mercy for a year but God took them to Crown College where they both received their 4 year degrees in Bible and Education, then God has blessed that commitment by giving them 4 wonderful children and a comfortable home in Weirton. God continues to change their roles in his ministry but their commitment to serving God is obvious to all that spend time with this family. Jarrett and Erin have 4 school age children.

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