Jesus and Perfect Love

Posted on 11 Feb 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley
Perfect love sounds impossible.  There are several reasons for that but let me give you just a few.  Most of the people on the earth base love on what they like and hate on what they do not like.  I love butter and steak because I like it.  I hate cooked spinach because I don’t like it. 
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Posted on 04 Feb 2018, Pastor: Jarrett Gum
Successful 2-4-18 Morning Service Joshua 1:1-8 Pastor Jarrett Gum
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Jesus and False Spirits

Posted on 28 Jan 2018, Pastor: Marlin Hawley
Jesus and False Spirits I John 4:1-11 Everything that God has made is good.  There is nothing-when used correctly-that our Father in Heaven has created that is not good. Solomon was one of the smartest men that lived, he had earthly wisdom and Heavenly enlightenment and his final conclusions
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